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History of Hydrofoiling

  • 1869

    Patent Granted

    First patent granted to Emmanuel Farcot for wings or edges to lift the boat and decrease drag

  • 1906

    Testing Ladder Foils

    Italian Enrico Forlaini successfully uses a set of ladder foils on Lago Maggiore reaching 36.9 knots

  • 1895-1916

    First 'True' Hydrofoil

    The two Meacham brothers from Chicago developed what many consider to be the first true hydrofoil

  • 1919

    New Foiling Speed Record

    Bell and Baldwin launch the HD-4 powered by two aircraft engines achieving a new foiling speed record of 61 knots

  • 1938

    Breaking Records Again

    Miss USA created by American Philip L. Rhodes set a new speed record of 80 knots

  • 1952

    First Passenger Foiling Boat

    Boron Hanns von Schertel and Karl Buller develop the first passenger hydrofoiler called the Golden Arrow

  • 2013

    Competitive Return

    For the first time the America's Cup was sailed using foiling boats in the waters of San Francisco Bay

  • 2022

    The RaceBird

    Prototype Takes Flight for the First Time

  • Future

    Discover more about the RaceBird

    See how we make the racebird fly

Champions of the Water

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