Inside E1 Episode 4: How to build an exciting race course that doesn’t damage the seabed

The latest edition of Inside E1 introduces Female Pilot Academy Lead Shelley Jory-Leigh. Her experience as a British world champion powerboat racer and record holder is key to the discussions the E1 team has this episode around building an exciting race course that will have spectators on the edge of their seats.

“We want the course to be difficult and technical so the pilots have got a job to do,” said Jory-Leigh. “They’ve got to concentrate and turn tight corners. We want the spectators to gasp! This is motorsport and there are going to be close incidents.”

As well as making the racecourse as exciting as possible, E1 is committed to using new technologies to make sure marine life is not impacted by events; the episode ends with testing autonomous buoys in Southampton.

Traditional buoys have anchors which damage the seabed, whereas Smartmarks are autonomous, meaning they retain their position even in strong currents.

“It’s important for us for fans to see how fun electric propulsion can be, so in future we can still enjoy sporting events while reducing the impact of our activities,” said Rodi Basso, Co-Founder & CEO of E1.