QiOn appointed as E1’s Official Charging Supplier

QiOn, a world leader in special charging solutions, has joined the UIM E1 World Championship as Official Charging Supplier to design and develop safe, reliable and tailored technology to quickly charge the RaceBirds at each event of the global E1 World Championship. 

As a global supplier set to electrify the UIM E1 World Championship, QiOn is developing a bespoke charging solution for the inaugural racing season. QiOn are experts in special charging solutions and high voltage power electronics. Together with E1 they are committed to accelerating the development of technology to power marine e-mobility.

With a shared passion for innovation and a joint vision to develop new and advanced technologies that drive the transition toward a more sustainable future built on electric power and mobility, QiOn is the perfect partner for E1. The RaceBirds that will compete on the water in the world’s first all-electric powerboat racing championship will now have bespoke, world-class charging infrastructure that optimises and maximises performance, speed, and safety.

QiOn are leaders in developing megafast chargers that push technological boundaries and pride themselves in providing tailormade solutions for high-speed charging. Designed with durability and safety as the absolute priorities and built with the best materials, QiOn redefines the charging experience.

Our vision for the UIM E1 World Championship was always to bring together the world leaders in electric transportation technology, so we are proud to bring QiOn into the E1 family. Their approach to creating tailored charging solutions will bring huge value and confidence to all our stakeholders and will electrify the RaceBirds on the water around the world. I’m excited about working with such technological experts and believe we can leave an infrastructure footprint at our racing venues around the world that makes charging marine vessels quick, easy and enjoyable.

Rodi BassoCo-Founder of E1

As the E1 World Championship builds toward the first season of electric racing in iconic venues in Europe and the Middle East in 2023/24, developing secure and rapid waterside charging at each location is a key factor for teams, pilots, and fans. Dockside electrification is a complex scenario so QiOn will play a crucial role in delivering custom on-water and paddock chargers to ensure all teams benefit from quick charging throughout the event and between rounds.

The partnership with E1 gives us a new space to demonstrate our commitment and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and advancing our shared mission of innovation. We are excited to bring into play our technological expertise in super-fast charging to the world of marine racing. It is an honour to work closely with fellow innovators leading the world of marine racing and are thrilled to bring the most advanced charging technologies in the world to the waterfront. We want to thank E1 for bringing marine racing to some of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Sergio De La Vega, Co-Founder of QiOn

E1 and QiOn are also bound by a shared commitment to build a more sustainable future for e-mobility and the electrification of marine transport remains a huge challenge. Together, the partners want to leave a legacy of easy-to-use, quick charging technologies that makes electric power on the water accessible for all.