The RaceBird makes an appearance on CNN

Following the appearance of the RaceBird at the 2022 Monaco E-Prix, CNN’s ‘Future of Sport’ published a profile of the E1 World Championship.

“Among the superyachts and cruise liners in the Monaco marina, there’s a new vessel –​​ one that looks more like a spaceship than a boat. It’s called the ‘RaceBird’ – a single-seater electric raceboat, with two bright green hydrofoils that allow it to glide above the water – and it’s the first prototype racecraft for the soon-to-be-launched E1 World Championship,” wrote journalist Sandy Thin.

He sat down with Co-Founder & CEO, Rodi Basso, Co-Founder & Chairman, Alejandro Agag and designer, Sophi Horne to discuss how E1 can be used as a platform to accelerate change in the marine industry and what’s next for the championship.

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