Mercury Racing

Championship Partners

The future of racing outboard technology is here. Together, we are leading the way.

Mercury Racing was established to push the boundaries of innovation. With nearly 50 years of experience developing the world’s most powerful and inventive propulsion systems, Mercury Racing does not shy away from a product development challenge.

Mercury Racing is the official Propulsion and Propeller Partner of the UIM E1 electric powerboat racing championship series, developing an electric powertrain for the hydrofoil-based race boats that will compete on the circuit.

The marine industry continues to explore new technology, like electric propulsion, and Mercury Racing’s goal is to ensure that they remain at the forefront of this exploration.

Pushing the limits of what can be built and how it can be applied to maximize performance is at the core of Mercury Racing’s philosophy. Strategic partnerships that allow engineers to expand their imaginations and propose practical solutions contribute to the growth of the marine industry, building on innovation to improve the on-water experience for all –not just race teams.