Victory Marine - E1 Series

Victory Marine

Supplier Partners

Victory Marine are leading a consortium of marine engineering specialists to bring the RaceBird to life.

Victory Marine has been charged with building and developing the full fleet of race-ready electric RaceBird vessels. Working in close partnership with SeaBird Technologies, the team of expert marine engineers are combining their knowledge to create the platform of the high-tech vessel – from its hull, propulsion architecture, foil controls and its hydro and aerodynamic features.

Since 1989, Victory Marine has been an industry-leader in applying the ‘Total Design’ methodology to yacht and powercraft development, working on more than 40 projects with 30 clients to design and develop highly innovative race boats, boasting top speeds well over 100 knots.

Founded by Brunello Acampora who still leads the company, Victory has proved to be a reliable partner in some of the most challenging design concepts in record-breaking powerboats, but has also revolutionized design and constructions for pleasure yachts, military crafts and commercial workboats.

Alongside building and developing the full fleet of race-ready RaceBird boats specially for E1, Victory Marine has also been tasked with engineering and manufacturing the sister SeaBird model, a six-person electric foiling boat that will be made accessible to anyone through a shared booking platform.